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The article about Japanese Etiquette tip for travelers was published on website of Australian travel agency.

Japanese Table Manners and Dining Etiquette Class

Would you like to enjoy Japanese cuisine without worrying about Japanese dining etiquette? Here is the answer for you! This class provides a lesson of Japanese table manners and etiquette while you enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. This is a fun and interactive session, in which you will also learn about Japanese culture. The class will be held in Tokyo or Yokohama.

As a participant, you will:
  • enjoy an authentic Japanese meal at a Japanese restaurant
  • learn basic rules of Japanese dining
  • learn chopsticks etiquette
  • learn how to handle plates and dishes
  • learn proper ways to eat Japanese meal(Washoku)

Duration   : 2.5 hours
Group Size : 1 to 6 People

Japanese Table Manners and Dining Etiquette classes were held in Yokohama and Tokyo in April, 2023.

Japanese Business Etiquette Class

Are you confident in working in Japan? The Japanese has unique business culture, such as greeting, exchanging buinesscards, seating rules, business attire...etc. You don't have to copy everything, however a little effort to learn Japanese business etiquette in advance makes you feel more confident in working in a new environment. This 3 hour private session will be conducted at Yokohama office.

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Yoshimi Nagashima, AICI CIC

Yoshimi Nagashima

Yoshimi Nagashima, AICI CIC is a Certified Image Consultant/Etiquette Expert and a founder of Impredge Corp. She was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan. Before training to become an Image Consultant/Etiquette Expert, she worked as an In-flight Interpreter and Flight Attendant Instructor for Northwest Airlines (now Delta).

Yoshimi received her Image Consulting training at New York's prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology while living in Greenwich, CT from 2005 to 2009. She also completed Advanced Color Analysis training and certification at the Image Resource Center of NY LLC.

She has coached thousands of individuals on Etiquette, Fashion Style, and Communication, while helping clients refine their images. Yoshimi also conducts corporate trainings on Business Etiquette and Hospitality as well as regular workshops on Impression Management for the public.


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